Welcome 😄

Welcome to Andronix Doc Hub. Here you'll everything to get you up and running with Andronix in no-time.
Hey! 😊, let's introduce to the basics of the documentations around here. This is the doc-hub for Andronix, from development to installations, you can find almost everything here.

Introduction Docs

Here you can find all the information necessary to understand Andronix better. Diving deep in PRoot, app structure and Shell scripts that actually make you understand about what's actually happening.

Installation Docs

All and everything for you to get up and running with your favourite Linux Distribution. If you're seeking for help installing a distribution, this is place you need to be.

Development Docs

Looking into contributing and developing things around or for Andronix? Here you can find all the required documentation regarding termux-packages, app, scripts or anything to development.
We are still working on this. Please stay tuned